Small grants. Global reach.

Our Work

Our seed money approach helps social entrepreneurs and small projects that benefit children in places all over the globe.  

Finding leaders: We rely on social entrepreneurs who have a passion to help children and need an early boost to their work.  

Small grants: Our grants are mostly single-time cash donations, $1,000 to $10,000, to small nonprofit organizations which spend money wisely with minimal overhead.

Focus on kids: These organizations help children by helping relieve poverty, improve health, or ensure their human rights.

Global reach: This work may occur in rural areas or big cities all over the world, but will usually have a local connection through a travel industry partner.

How We Work

Our no-overhead all-volunteer organization relies on people in the travel business who seek to serve a needy world.

Travel industry roots: Our board comprises travel industry professionals, and our partnerships with friends and donors will focus on travel companies, travel people, and those who travel.

Local connections: These travel connections allow us to visit places to learn about potential partners, rely on local travel industry connections to validate project opportunities, and cooperate on travel-related fundraising.  

Too small for big charities: The Kids First Fund focuses on projects too small for support from major charities.  

Not a penny spent on overhead: Since its founding in 1999, the Kids First Fund has operated as an all-volunteer organization that spends nothing on overhead, salaries, and fundraising.  Every penny raised from donors is spent on grants to help children.

KFF has raised nearly $750,000 from donors and travel auction activities, and made grants in excess of $600,000.